List of all available GSinstruments in separate archives

Number Name Size Date
1Accordion Master.zip2,16 Mb10/04/2012 19:36:06
2Accordion Musette.zip1,24 Mb10/04/2012 19:36:53
3Accordion Tango.zip1,24 Mb10/04/2012 19:37:20
4Acoustic Piano 1.zip25,72 Mb08/07/2009 22:29:38
5Acoustic Piano 2.zip21,51 Mb08/07/2009 22:43:05
6Acoustic Piano 3.zip18,98 Mb08/07/2009 22:54:25
7Acoustic Piano 4.zip7,96 Mb08/07/2009 23:06:35
8Ballad 80's Piano.zip32,09 Mb08/07/2009 23:12:26
9Church Organ.zip4,24 Mb12/01/2011 15:22:32
10Clav D6.zip17,48 Mb08/07/2009 23:35:11
11Electric Bass.zip4,99 Mb12/01/2011 15:24:06
12Electric Grand 2.zip11,95 Mb10/04/2012 19:37:47
13Electric Grand.zip19,59 Mb08/07/2009 23:46:59
14German Upright.zip24,56 Mb08/07/2009 23:57:14
15Grand C7.zip32,44 Mb03/03/2010 05:24:36
16Grand Piano C5.zip37,26 Mb03/03/2010 05:24:36
17Horn Section.zip4,76 Mb03/03/2010 05:24:36
18Jazz Combo.zip17,29 Mb10/04/2012 19:42:08
19Mark I '77 clean.zip43,29 Mb09/07/2009 08:56:32
20Mark I '77 dirty.zip24,82 Mb09/07/2009 09:19:46
21Mello Flute.zip8,02 Mb09/07/2009 09:32:44
22Mello Violin.zip8,90 Mb09/07/2009 09:36:57
23Mini Bass.zip3,03 Mb06/10/2011 11:09:59
24Mini Poly Pad.zip2,05 Mb09/07/2009 09:41:36
25Mini Saw Solo.zip2,05 Mb09/07/2009 09:42:41
26Modern Piano 1.zip15,35 Mb09/04/2012 21:55:31
27Modern Piano 2.zip15,51 Mb09/04/2012 22:01:08
28Orchestra Strings.zip8,95 Mb09/07/2009 09:43:45
29Organ Lower 808.zip315 Kb06/10/2011 11:11:09
30P5 Big Pad.zip4,95 Mb09/07/2009 09:48:26
31Piano and Strings.zip22,44 Mb12/01/2011 15:26:11
32String Section Pad.zip6,92 Mb06/10/2011 11:11:18
33Synth Strings 1.zip1,30 Mb09/07/2009 09:51:01
34Synth Strings 2.zip2,92 Mb09/07/2009 09:51:42
35Synth Strings 3.zip2,92 Mb09/07/2009 09:53:13
36Upright Bass.zip6,52 Mb06/10/2011 11:13:53
37Vibraphone.zip2,08 Mb09/07/2009 09:54:44

Please note: these sound packs can only be used in GSi Key Performer and are copyrighted by GSi.