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The great convenience of shareware software is that you can try a free DEMO version before deciding to pay for the FULL version. This gives you the opportunity to test if the software works correctly on your computer and if it meets your needs. If you haven't done it yet, download the free DEMO now!

Most of these softwares have a nag screen and a nag noise protection. In DEMO mode you'll hear a white noise burst for 2 seconds every 10 at a very low volume. There are no other limitations, unless otherwise stated in the product's description page.

VB3 The Ultimate Virtual Tonewheel Organ
PDF DocumentVB3 - 1.2.1 - PDF User's Manual - 459 Kb  
PDF DocumentVB3 - 1.3 - PDF Manual Addendum - 70 Kb  
For Mac OSXVB3 - 1.4 - OSX VST AU UB - Manual Installation - 2,77 Mb  
PDF DocumentVB3 - 1.4 - PDF Manual Addendum - 87 Kb  
Zip ArchiveVB3 - 1.4 - Windows VST - 2,58 Mb  
Zip ArchiveVB3 - 1.4 - Windows VST x64 - 1,59 Mb  
MP3 audio fileVB3 - 1.x - Demo in a Hard Rock song - 3,47 Mb  
MP3 audio fileVB3 - 1.x - Demo Jazz (by Antonio Capasso) - 4,00 Mb  
MP3 audio fileVB3 - 1.x - Demo Jazz 1 by Phil Wilkinson - 1,40 Mb  
MP3 audio fileVB3 - 1.x - Demo Jazz 2 by Phil Wilkinson - 1,52 Mb  
MP3 audio fileVB3 - 1.x - Demo 'Murder' by Alessio Buccella (with ZD6 and MrRay73mk2) - 3,06 Mb  
MP3 audio fileVB3 - 1.x - Demo 'Zio Guido' by Manuele Montesanti - 3,02 Mb  
MP3 audio fileVB3 - 1.x - 'Georgia on my mind' performerd by Phil Wilkinson - 3,60 Mb  

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