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December 05, 2014   GSi introduces the DMC-122

Click here to know more about the DMC-122

August 12, 2014   GSi joins SoundRadix for a discounted bundle!

Get SoundRadix "32 Lives" and pick one of VB3, MrRay73mk2, EG70 or ZD6 for only US$ 125,00 (25% off!).

April 28, 2014   VB3 1.4 x64 VST for Windows

VB3 version 1.4 recompiled to be x64 VST for Windows. There's no difference with the 32 bit version except that the support files (VB3.ini, VB3.lic, VB3.fxp) are now stored in the System User's path. This is to be intended as a temporary release until the next version is ready to be released to the public. Only the VST instrument version is available. The FX variant is not available in VST x64. Mac users please be patient, unfortunately programming on Mac requires more time.

March 10, 2014   Tony Monaco introduces the GSi BURN

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