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TimeVerb - an easy to use freeware reverb effect v. 1.0

Plugin description

When you need an easy and good sounding studio reverb and you don't want to deal with tons of parameters, here comes TimeVerb! Five knobs for all your "easy" reverberation needs.
TimeVerb is a simple digital stereo studio reverb effect.
- Very easy to use
- Very light on CPU and memory
- Easy MIDI Learn feature

This is exactly the same reverb algorithm used in ElectricGrand EG70.


TimeVerb is a VST plugin for Windows and Intel-MAC OSX, and needs a VST host program to be run.
Windows: Copy the TimeVerb.DLL file to your VSTPlugins folder and let your host scan for new plugins.
Mac: Unpack the bundle file “TimeVerb.vst” to the folder /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ and let your host scan for new plugins.

Minimum computer configuration required:
- A Windows PC with at least a Pentium 3 or AMD Athlon processor @ 500 Mhz with 128 Mb of RAM and 1 Mb of free disk space.
– An Intel Mac with OSX; a processor @ 500 Mhz with 128 Mb of RAM and 1 Mb of free disk space.


TimeVerb is FREEWARE. It's supplied "AS IS", there is no warranty and no technical support. You can use it in your commercial music projects without limitations, redistribute it under any form (web, magazine...) at NO charge provided the original archive is not altered. It is fully functional under all of its aspects and no limitations of any kind are applied. The author may not be held responsible for whatever may result as a consequence of its usage.

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TimeVerb - an easy to use freeware reverb effect
MP3 audio file. Click to play. Control the player on the bottom of this pageTimeVerb - Demo mp3 with acoustic drums (dry, hall, room) - 1,14 Mb  
For Mac OSXTimeVerb - OSX VST - 385 Kb  
Zip ArchiveTimeVerb - Windows VST - 574 Kb  

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