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Legacy donationware plugins from SoundFonts.it

Current Version:


For Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32 bitIn VST format

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This product is FreeWare


This collection includes all six freeware/donationware plugins from the old site SoundFonts.it:
  • ORGANized trio - version 3.1 - Tonewheel organ simulation
  • MrRay Electric Piano - version 2.2 - Generic Physical Modeling eletric piano simulation
  • MrRay73 - version 1.0 - Tines & Tonebars electric piano
  • MrTramp - version 1.0 - Reed electric piano
  • Effectizer - version 1.1 - Generic multi effect processor
  • MrDonald - version 1.0 - Rotary speaker simulation
All these plugins were compiled in SynthEdit and are available only in VST format for Windows. Some of them have known unresolved issues, please refer to the docs included in the package. These plugins aren't supported any more and won't be updated. So, please, don't report bugs and don't ask fixes. Some modern multi-core CPUs may have problems with these plugins when multiple instances are used.

Some of these plugins show a nag-screen at the start-up but there are no limitations soundwise. You're not required to pay for them but if you wish to get rid of the nag-screen, you can make a 10~15 euros donation by using the paypal button shown in the nag-screen or by clicking the button below:

Please Note: making a donation for these old donationware plugins doesn't give you access to the newer shareware ones. So, please don't donate if you want to purchase one of the other plugins. Also note that MrRay 2.2 and MrRay73 are free/donationware while MrRay73 Mark II is shareware. Don't make confusion.

In case you need it, you can download the registration tool here.

Alternatively, make a donation to the Wikimedia Foundation, forward me the payment receipt and I'll send you the registration code.
Other organizations/foundations that need your donations:
- Dr. Patch Adams' Gesundheit Institute
- Red Cross

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SynthEdit and the SynthEdit C++ SDK are copyright by Jeff McClintock

Some frequently asked questions related to this product:
- I found a bug in your freeware plugin, will you update it?

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Legacy donationware plugins from SoundFonts.it
Zip ArchiveSoundFonts.it legacy donationware plugins - full collection - 9,29 Mb  

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