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The latest additions to the GSi Software catalog:

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Genuine Sounds Vol. I - Piano Edition

VB3-II Tonewheel Organ Simulator

VB3m - Tonewheel Organ for your mobile device

Just Piano - Professional piano for iOS and Android

Solo Trumpet - Physical modeling trumpet

Model D6 - Physical Modeling Clavinet

Mini Orchestra - Play a full orchestra with two hands

Drum-80 - The analog drum kit of the 80's

Krill Synthesizer - Virtual Analog Synth for iOS

Electrorchestra - Virtual String Machine

Compact DeLuxe - Italian combo organ

Red Animal - The red tolex combo organ

ECHO B2 - The italian echo chamber

GS-201 Mark II - Tape Echo Simulator

TimeVerb-X - All-in-one Spring + Digital Reverb

Phaser Factory - Create any phaser effect

EQuity - Six Band Visual Equalizer

VariSpeed - A Copicat IC400 software replica

Easy Convolver - Quick and easy convolution

DMC-122 Dual Midi Console

Gemini - Dual DSP Sound Module

Professional Rackmount 5X5 USB-Midi Interface

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