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VB3m - Tonewheel Organ for your mobile device v. 1.2.3

GSi VB3m is the mobile version of the renowned VB3 organ simulation by Genuine Soundware & instruments.
Get it for your iOS or Android mobile device.

This mobile App simulates the famous american tonewheel organ better known as the Hammond Organ B3.

Main features:
  • Two manuals plus pedalboard
  • Two sets of 9 drawbars each for upper and lower manual
  • Two drawbars for the pedalboard
  • Physical modeling engine with full polyphony (91 tonewheels)
  • Rotary speaker effect with two variations plus one static amp
  • Virtual microphone positioning
  • Tube overdrive simulation
  • Two band equalizer
  • Digital reverb
  • Program bank with 32 memory locations
  • On screen keyboard (upper manual only)
  • Split function
  • Pedal-to-lower function
  • Pedal String Bass decay
  • Global tuning between A=430 Hz and A=450 Hz
  • Fully customizable Midi CC Mapping with Midi Learn function
  • Reverse all drawbar CC option
  • Sustain pedal support for sustaining notes
  • User selectable Midi channels
  • Freely assignable Program Change numbers
  • Core Audio (iOS) and OBOE (Android) support
  • Background audio option
  • AUv3 plugin extension available (iOS only)
  • IAA support (iOS only)
  • Free Cloud service to easily exchange Programs and Midi Maps

Midi controllers for VB3m

GSi DMC-122: fully programmable dual manual controller with waterfall keybeds


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Please note: connecting self-powered USB Midi devices to the iPad or iPhone will require an external powered HUB.

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