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EQuity - Six Band Visual Equalizer v. 1.0.1
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EQuity is a six band visual equalizer with precise meterings, featuring a frequency analyzer and an IR-based preamp section. It was initially conceived as a simple EQ module to be incorporated in other audio products, then the visual EQ section and the spectrum analyzer were added. It represents an inexpensinve solution for DAWs and other audio environments where the use of a visual equalizer comes handy. The low CPU power requirement makes it perfect for being run in multiple instances on complex mixes.

  • 4 fully parametric bands with -24/+24 dB gain
  • First and last band can be either shelving or peak filters
  • High-pass input filter and Low-pass output filter
  • Bands can be heard in solo mode
  • Stereo input vu-meters with readout values
  • Stereo output vu-meters with readout values
  • Output phase meter
  • Switchable meter peak hold and release time
  • Preamp section based on IR from high-end analog gear
  • Resizable UI

EQuity is available in the following formats:
for Windows: VST2 x64, VST3 x64, Standalone x64
for OSX: VST2 x64, VST3 x64, Audio Unit x64, Standalone x64
for Linux: VST2 x64, VST3 x64, Standalone x64

any Windows computer Windows 7 x64 or higher
ASIO compatible sound card for low latency performance

OSX version 10.11 or greater

- The current build was compiled and tested on Ubuntu Studio 20.04.1 (glibc 2.29 required)


We wish to make clear that the Linux version is experimental, it's been tested only on the machine it was built on (Ubuntu Studio 20.04.1) but we cannot guarantee that it works on any Linux machine, there could be dependencies that need to be installed in order to run it. The linux version is supplied as raw binaries for the Standalone, the VST2 and the VST3 formats; the plugin files must be moved manually to the correct locations in order to be scanned and loaded by the host programs. While this software is a paid-for shareware, you basically pay for the Windows and Mac versions, while having a Linux build is to be considered as an extra. As a matter of fact, the same license can be activated on all 3 operating systems and each license grants 3 seats (activations) that can be freely managed by the end user. If you're interested in buying a license and use this product on Linux, we advice you to download and try the demo version. If the software works flawlessly in Demo mode, it will also work after being activated. To make sure that the activation scheme works, just check whether or not the global options are properly remembered between sessions. If global options are kept, then the license will also work. The support files are stored in a read-write location under the user home directory, eg.: ~/.config/GenuineSoundware/GSiEquity/
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EQuity - Six Band Visual Equalizer
PDF DocumentEQuity - User's Manual (ENG) - 447 Kb  
Zip ArchiveEQuity - v.1.0.0 LINUX VST2 VST3 Standalone x64 - 11,11 Mb  
For Mac OSEQuity - v.1.0.1 MacOS AU VST2 VST3 Standalone x64 - 12,29 Mb  
Zip ArchiveEQuity - v.1.0.1 Windows VST2 VST3 Standalone x64 - 3,71 Mb  

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