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Genuine Sounds Vol. I - Piano Edition
Text fileGenuine Sounds Vol. I - CHANGE LOG - 1 Kb  Product page
For Mac OSGenuine Sounds Vol. I - v.1.1.0 macOS - 26,01 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveGenuine Sounds Vol. I - v.1.1.0 Windows - 5,13 Mb  Product page

VB3-II Tonewheel Organ Simulator
Zip ArchiveDMC-122 SetUp for controlling VB3-II - 1 Kb  Product page
MP3 audio fileVB3-II - Demo by Maestro Mistheria - 3,50 Mb  Product page
MP3 audio fileVB3-II - Funk Me (demo by Manuele Montesanti) - 1,45 Mb  Product page
MP3 audio fileVB3-II - Latin Mood (demo by Manuele Montesanti) - 869 Kb  Product page
MP3 audio fileVB3-II - My Point of Blues (demo by Manuele Montesanti) - 1,63 Mb  Product page
Text fileVB3-II - Release Notes - 3 Kb  Product page
MP3 audio fileVB3-II - Strange Ballad (demo by Manuele Montesanti) - 1,21 Mb  Product page
For Mac OSVB3-II - Uninstaller for Mac OSX - 3 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentVB3-II - User's Manual ENG - 1,44 Mb  Product page
For Mac OSVB3-II - v.1.1.1 MacOS VST2 VST3 AU Standalone x64 - 15,69 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveVB3-II - v.1.1.1 Windows VST2 VST3 Standalone x64 - 6,99 Mb  Product page

Solo Trumpet - Physical modeling trumpet
For Mac OSSolo Trumpet - v.1.0.0 macOS - 20,41 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveSolo Trumpet - v.1.0.0 Windows - 4,21 Mb  Product page

Model D6 - Physical Modeling Clavinet
For Mac OSModel D6 - v.1.0.0 macOS - 25,55 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveModel D6 - v.1.0.0 Windows - 5,01 Mb  Product page

Mini Orchestra - Play a full orchestra with two hands
For Mac OSMini Orchestra - v.1.0.0 macOS - 15,72 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveMini Orchestra - v.1.0.0 Windows - 4,10 Mb  Product page

Drum-80 - The analog drum kit of the 80's
Text fileDrum-80 - Changelog - 0 Kb  Product page
For Mac OSDrum-80 - v.1.1.0 macOS - 13,38 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveDrum-80 - v.1.1.0 Windows - 3,87 Mb  Product page

Compact DeLuxe - Italian combo organ
For Mac OSCompact DeLuxe - v.1.0.0 macOS - 12,05 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveCompact DeLuxe - v.1.0.0 Windows - 3,74 Mb  Product page

Red Animal - The red tolex combo organ
For Mac OSRed Animal - v.1.0.0 macOS - 12,75 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveRed Animal - v.1.0.0 Windows - 3,83 Mb  Product page


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