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DMC-122 Dual Midi Console
PDF DocumentDMC-122 Editor v.1.06 Manuale Utente (italiano) - 1,20 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentDMC-122 Editor v.1.06 User's Manual (english) - 1,19 Mb  Product page
For Mac OSXDMC-122 Editor v.1.07 OSX (32 bit) - 2,82 Mb  Product page
Windows executableDMC-122 Editor v.1.07 Windows (32 bit) - 1,61 Mb  Product page
For Mac OSXDMC-122 Editor v.1.10 OSX (64 bit) - 3,81 Mb  Product page
Windows executableDMC-122 Editor v.1.10 Windows (64 bit) - 2,54 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveDMC-122 Generic SetUp - 13 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentDMC-122 Guida all'installazione rapida (italiano) - 1,75 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveDMC-122 Hamichord/Mojo compatible SetUp - 1 Kb  Product page
Zip ArchiveDMC-122 High Resolution images - 5,40 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveDMC-122 High Resolution images (complete pack) - 140,49 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentDMC-122 MIDI Implementation Chart - 29 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentDMC-122 Quick Install Guide (english) - 1,75 Mb  Product page
Text fileDMC-122 RELEASE NOTES - 1 Kb  Product page
Zip ArchiveDMC-122 USB MIDI Windows Driver (not needed for Win 7/8/10) - 672 Kb  Product page

Gemini - Dual DSP Sound Module
 Gemini - Factory preset bank - 1,32 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveGemini - Firmware version 1.31 - 9,67 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentGemini - Manual Addendum n.1: integration with DMC-122 - 477 Kb  Product page
Text fileGemini - Release notes - 8 Kb  Product page
Zip ArchiveGemini - TBLEXP01 Free Wavetable Expansion - 113,83 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveGemini - TBLEXP02 Piano Wavetable Expansion - 166,19 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveGemini - TBLEXP03 Mellotron Wavetable Expansion - 215,33 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentGemini - User's Manual (english) - 4,11 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveGemini - Venice Grand OPEN Wavetable Expansion - 191,65 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveGemini - Venice Grand Wavetable Expansion - 207,20 Mb  Product page
Zip ArchiveTwo example DMC-122 SetUps for controlling Gemini - 2 Kb  Product page

BURN - Programmable Rotary Simulator
PDF DocumentBURN - English Manual FW V.1.01 - 611 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentBURN - Firmware update How-To - 820 Kb  Product page
Zip ArchiveBURN - Firmware version 1.01 - 3,07 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentBURN - Footswitch How-To - 50 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentBURN - Manuale Italiano FW V.1.01 - 605 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentBURN - Quick programming guide - 25 Kb  Product page
Zip ArchiveBURN Editor/Librarian - Version 1.0 - 1,97 Mb  Product page


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