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Model D6 - Physical Modeling Clavinet v. 1.0.0
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It was back in the fifties when German inventor Ernst Zacharias invented one of the funkiest keyboards of all times. At first the intention was to make a portable version of a harpsichord, but it soon developed into one of the most used keyboards in rock and pop music. You will surely recognize it in the famous pop song "Superstition", and in many other funky songs of the seventies. Many crime movies and TV shows of the 70's and the early 80's had music themes based on funky accompaniments made with the D6, a slap bass and drums. This instrument can reproduce the sound of an electric guitar and can be treated with the same effects used by guitarists (wah-wah, distortion, phaser, chorus, etc.) for both rhythmic and melodic textures, since it is actually based on a set of 60 strings and two humbucker pickups very similar to those used in electric guitars.

The sound engine of GSi Model D6 comes from the exact same code that powers the GSi Gemini and the Crumar Seven as well as the Crumar Mojo 61. Some more parameters have been added to the model in order to make the instrument sound even more versatile and adjustable to personal taste.

Main features

  • Physical Modeling engine (no samples)
  • Full Polyphony (60 strings)
  • Authentic string sympathetic resonances
  • Authentic recreation of the 4 D6 filters
  • Two Pickups with adjustable positions
  • Authentic damper lever
  • String quality setting
  • Hammer Tip quality setting
  • Wool damper quality setting (Release length)
  • Responds to pitch bender (Whammy bar mod)
  • Responds to aftertouch (string tapping overpressure)
  • Built-in Wah-Wah effect modeled after the famous JH-1 pedal
  • Wah-Wah can be modulated by LFO, Dynamics or via Midi CC message
  • Built-in Phaser effect modeled after the famous Phase 90 pedal
  • Built-in Amplifier simulator with 5 models (Twin, JCM, AC, RJC and Bass)
  • Amp Distortion and pickup feedback
  • Built-in Stereo Delay effect
  • Built-in Stereo Reverb effect
  • Built-in programmer with unlimited Programs
  • Embedded user's' manual
  • Available as Stand-alone application and audio plugin
  • Very low CPU and RAM usage

Click the name of a file to play.

Model D6 - Demo 1
Model D6 - Demo 2
Model D6 - Demo 3

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Model D6 - Physical Modeling Clavinet
For Mac OSModel D6 - v.1.0.0 macOS - 25,55 Mb  
Zip ArchiveModel D6 - v.1.0.0 Windows - 5,01 Mb  

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