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Gemini - Dual DSP Sound Module v. 1.40
Gemini Desktop,
Gemini Rack.

Gemini Features:
  • 2 independent DSP Processors
  • 15 Synthesis Engines
  • 11 effect generators for each DSP
  • 128 Presets
  • Custom MIDI map
  • Balanced outputs
  • 2x16 Back-lit LC Display with encoder and buttons for quick preset recall
  • Two parallel DIN-5 MIDI inputs
  • Class-Compliant USB-Midi port
  • USB Host port accepts Class-Compliant USB-MIDI devices
  • Editor application for Windows, Mac and iPad
  • Volume potentiometer
  • Output level selection
  • Headphone output
  • Internal Wi-Fi antenna allows client connection for editor web-app
  • Wi-Fi password set and reset

Get the Editor App for your preferred platform:

15 Synthesis types:
  1. VB3-II virtual tonewheel organ
  2. Combo Organ Type F
  3. Combo Organ Type V
  4. String Machine
  5. Pipe Organ
  6. Orchestra
  7. Tines electric piano
  8. Reed electric piano
  9. Electric baby grand piano
  10. Clavi electric piano
  11. PM electric piano
  12. MKS electric piano
  13. Physical modeling trumpet
  14. GVA-1 Virtual Analog synth
  15. GSP-01 Adaptive Sample Player
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The GSi Gemini features 11 effect processors per each DSP, the effect chain is fixed but is well structured in order to cover any possible necessity. It features:
  1. Wha-wha
  2. Stereo Phaser
  3. Stereo Chorus
  4. Tremolo / Auto-panner / Ring modulator
  5. Spring Reverb
  6. Amp Simulator
  7. Rotary effect simulator
  8. Stereo Delay / Echo
  9. Stereo Limiter
  10. Digital reverb
  11. Equalizer
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Get the free sampleset expansions:

Please note: as of September 2020, the Gemini Expansion format for DMC-122 has been discontinued. Gemini Desktop and Rack format are still being manufactured.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Some frequently asked questions related to this product:
- I'm trying to connect to my Gemini with an iPad but it keeps saying that the password is incorrect.
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Gemini - Dual DSP Sound Module
Zip ArchiveGemini - Electric Grand 70BXL - 220,49 Mb  
 Gemini - Factory preset bank - 1,32 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - Firmware version 1.40 - 10,47 Mb  
PDF DocumentGemini - Manual Addendum n.1: integration with DMC-122 - 477 Kb  
Text fileGemini - Release notes - 8 Kb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - TBLEXP01 Free Wavetable Expansion - 113,83 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - TBLEXP02 Piano Wavetable Expansion - 166,19 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - TBLEXP03 Mellotron Wavetable Expansion - 215,33 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - TBLEXP04 Saxophones - 99,89 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - TBLEXP05 Electric Pianos & Harpsichord - 217,53 Mb  
PDF DocumentGemini - User's Manual (english) - 4,11 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - Venice Grand Breeze - 135,28 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - Venice Grand D-274 - 248,53 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - Venice Grand OPEN Wavetable Expansion - 191,65 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini - Venice Grand Wavetable Expansion - 207,20 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini Editor - MacOS - v.1.0.0 - 3,62 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGemini Editor - Windows - v.1.0.0 - 2,93 Mb  
Windows executableGSi Midi USB multi-client Windows driver v. - 3,85 Mb  
Zip ArchiveTwo example DMC-122 SetUps for controlling Gemini - 2 Kb  

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