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The GSi Studio can be defined as a modern "professional home studio"

It was originally born as a home environment mainly for quiet computer works. Painted with warm and relaxing colors, bright, airy and comfortable, with many light spots, mini-bar and air conditioning, it's a nice place to stay for a long working day with music.

Equipped with great modern and vintage gear, offers the necessary versatility for covering a fairly large number of different recording situations, but it is mainly focused to jazz and pop recordings with small bands.

The new heart of the studio is a D&R Cinemix, a really fascinating analog console with a clean and transparent sound and a powerful digital routing system, it has 32 mic inputs and a total of 36 channels which double to 72 inputs on mix. This console has been conceived for surround 5.1 mixing as it has a 6 channel master output and every mono input can be used with traditional L&R panning or LCRS sound positioning, or can be assigned to one of the two XY joysticks.
The digital recording is based on a Antelope Orion 32 computer interface for a total of 32 simultaneous tracks for recording, and 32 outputs for analog (OTB) mixing. The computer is a powerful Windows based machine running Cubase versions 7.5 and Pro 8, the control room monitoring system is based on a pair of Adam A7x studio near field monitors plus two Yamaha HS-50M for more mid-range clarity, while the recording room monitoring system is based on the new astonishing Behringer Powerplay 16.

But the strength point is the presence of a gorgeous and great sounding Hammond organ model A100 from 1963 equipped with a Leslie 147 and a Leslie 145. And that's not all yet! Other fine instruments are a vintage Rhodes piano Seventythree Mark I from 1978, perfectly tuned and balanced, plus a Sequential Circuits Pro~One, a Yamaha DX7, and other vintage and modern keyboards and effects.

Resident gear list (as of December 2014)

  • Mixing desk: D&R Cinemix, 32 mono + 4 stereo modules, 72 total inputs on mix, 10 aux sends, 24 buss, VCA automation with ALPS motorfaders, surround 5.1 mixing, dynamics on first 24 channels
  • Near-field monitors: pair of ADAM A7x, pair of YAMAHA HS-50M, one 10" 250W Subwoofer (down to 32 Hz)
  • Digital recording: Antelope Orion 32 (32 in, 32 out)
  • Computer: Windows computer with Cubase 7.5, Cubase Pro 8, Wavelab 7
  • Digital computer based FFT Spectrum Analyzer
  • Custom built Studio MMC and SMPTE Display with Recording light and DAW control surface with motor-fader and motor-pots
  • Drawmer 1960
  • Neve 1073 LB (x 2)
  • API 512c
  • SoundSkulptor MP-573
  • Old School Audio MP-1
Compressors and EQs:
  • Universal Audio 1176LN, FET Class A limiting amplifier
  • Empirical Labs Distressor EL-8x
  • Drawmer 1960, dual valve mic. preamp and compressor
  • Drawmer DL241, VCA based stereo compressor, gate, and limiter
  • 2x Summit Audio TLA-50, Tube Limiting Amplifier
  • 2x D&R Compressor Limiter half rack format
  • FMR RNC, stereo VCA (THAT 2181) compressor with digital control
  • Elysia Xpressor, class A stereo buss compressor
  • Lindell Audio 7X500, FET compressor
  • TL-Audio 5013, valve dual 4-band parametric EQ
Reverbs and other effects:
  • TC-Electronic M-One XL, digital dual multi-effect
  • Lexicon MX-400, digital quad multi-effect
  • Alesis Midiverb IV, digital multi-effect
  • Roland GP-8, vintage analog guitar multi-effect
  • Roland Chorus Echo RE-501, vintage tape echo machine with spring reverb and BBD chorus
  • Various modern and vintage analog stomp boxes: MXR Phase 100, EHX Small Stone, EHX Memory Boy, etc.

If you have a D&R Cinemix, click here for something you might be interested in.

Other recording gear:
  • Fostex R8, 8 track 1/4" 15 ips tape machine
  • Revox A-77, 2 track 1/4" 7-1/2 ips vintage tape machine
  • MOTU Midi Time Piece AV, Tape-MIDI-WordClock synchronizer and MIDI patch bay
  • RMG, Quantegy and Zonal tapes

  • Neumann U87
  • Audio Technica AT4040
  • AKG C414
  • 2x Neumann KM 184 (matched pair)
  • 2x Audio Technica AT2020
  • 2x Rode NT-2a
  • 2x Beyerdynamic MCE-530
  • 2x AKG SE-300B with CK-93 capsule (condenser hypercardioid)
  • 5x Shure SM 57
  • Shure SM 58
  • Shure PG 52
  • 3x Audix F-90 clip microphones for drums
  • AKG D-112
  • Sennheiser E-606
  • 2x AKG D190E
  • AKG D310
  • 2x Behringer UL2000B, wireless UHF lavalier or headset microphone

Monitoring for musicians:
  • Behringer Powerplay 16, digital 16 channel personal monitoring for 5 musicians
  • Behringer Powerplay HA-4700, 12 outputs headphone amplifier
  • Headphones: 3x Sony MDR-7506, 2x AKG K-44, AKG K-240, Audio-Technica and Yamaha headphones
  • FBT Jolly 3a personal monitor

  • Hammond A100 + Leslie 147 + Leslie 145
  • Crumar MOJO
  • Rhodes Mark I Stage 73
  • Moog MiniMoog
  • Nord Electro 3
  • Roland SH-201
  • Yamaha DX7 and DX7IId
  • Korg M1
  • Roland D50
  • Sequential Circuits Pro~One
  • DSI Prophet 12
  • Korg MS-20 Mini
  • SM Pro Audio V-Machine
  • Gretsch Catalina Maple, 6 pieces fusion drumset with various heads
  • Turkish Classic and Vintage Soul series cymbals
  • Various percussions and accessories
  • Fender Hot Rod DeLuxe, guitar tube amplifier
  • Ashdown EB 15-180 Evo II, 180W bass amplifier
  • Pair of Wharfedale Titan-12, 300 Watts P.A. loudspeakers

DMC-122  Gemini  VB3-II  GS-201mk2  TimeVerb-X  KeyPerformer  MrRay73mk2  ZD6  EG70  ShakePad  WatKat 


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