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Key Performer v. 1.1

This plugin is only available as 32 bit for Windows. The Mac version has been retired due to incompatibility with the most modern OSX.  Please test the free demo version!
Key Performer can be described as “the Swiss Army knife of the modern gigging keyboardist”. It's a single software instrument which offers a wide variety of keyboard sounds that are always used in almost all musical genres where a keyboardist is involved. Just to summarize a few of its key features, it offers:
  • Several classic keyboard sounds including pianos, electric pianos, synths, organs, etc.
  • A sample playback section (aka “ROMpler”) with “adaptive playback”
  • A physical modeling classic Electric Piano
  • A physical modeling “Wurly” piano
  • A phase modulation synthesizer for the famous DX Piano
  • A Virtual Analog polyphonic synthesizer
  • A Virtual Tonewheel Organ with rotary speaker effect
  • Two effect slots with all the most famous effects
  • An AMP simulation section with overdrive
  • A global Reverb effect
  • 64 Programs per bank, 9 snaphots for organ sections and 9 for VA synth
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Easy MIDI Learn
  • Huge efficiency with very low CPU power requirements
  • Simplicity of use, Versatility, Stability, Expandibility, Authenticity!

Minimum System Requirements (PC)
  • Microsoft Windows operating system: 98SE, XP, 2000, Vista
  • 900 MHz CPU with SSE2 instruction set
  • RAM 512 Mb
  • Stereo soundcard with low latency ASIO support
  • A MIDI interface or MIDI controller keyboard
  • A VST Host program for the VST plugin

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)
  • OSX 10.5+
  • Intel CPU
  • RAM 512 Mb
  • Stereo soundcard with low latency ASIO support
  • A MIDI interface or MIDI controller keyboard
  • A VST or AU Host program for the plugin version

How to use the trial version: download and install the main application (VST plugin and Standalone). If you bought a license prior to installing, you can directly authorize your copy within the installer. By installing just the main application you'll have access to five of the six sound engines. If you also wish to test some samples, download and install the samplepacks. The sampled instruments have to be copied in [APP FOLDER]\GSinstruments\. You can choose a different location and set the appropriate path in the Global Options Menu.
The instrument comes with no factory presets, so probably you won't hear any sound coming from the Organ and the Synth sections, unless you prepare your sounds. Please refer to the manual for this.

DEMO LIMITATIONS: the software shows a reminder screen at the beginning. Click “RUN DEMO” to start using the demo version. It will play for 10 minutes, after that the reminder screen will appear again, the sound will be muted and the RUN DEMO button will be disabled. Saving single programs or banks is also disabled in Demo mode.


Some frequently asked questions related to this product:
- I'm demoing Key Performer but the organ and the synth don't produce any sound.
- Does Key Performer use the same Organ/Clavi/Piano sounds as your other plugins?
- I have installed Key Performer but I get a strange error and the plugin immediately quits.
The great convenience of shareware software is that you can try a free DEMO version before deciding to pay for the FULL version. This gives you the opportunity to test if the software works correctly on your computer and if it meets your needs. If you haven't done it yet, download the free DEMO now!

Most of these softwares have a nag screen and a nag noise protection. In DEMO mode you'll hear a white noise burst for 2 seconds every 10 at a very low volume. There are no other limitations, unless otherwise stated in the product's description page.

Key Performer
PDF DocumentKey Performer - 1.1 - User Manual - 420 Kb  
Windows executableKey Performer - 1.1 - Windows VST and Standalone Installer - 1,94 Mb  
MP3 audio fileKey Performer - Demo DX Piano (by Manuele Montesanti) - 1,98 Mb  
MP3 audio fileKey Performer - Demo Mark I (by Manuele Montesanti) - 2,44 Mb  
MP3 audio fileKey Performer - Demo Piano 1 (by Manuele Montesanti) - 1,68 Mb  
MP3 audio fileKey Performer - Demo Piano 2 (by Manuele Montesanti) - 3,22 Mb  
External linkKey Performer - Download all the GSinstruments from here  
Zip ArchiveKey Performer - two example presets for Synth and Organ - 1 Kb  

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