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ShakePad v. 1.1

This plugin is only available as 32 bit for Windows. The Mac version has been retired due to incompatibility with the most modern OSX.  Please test the free demo version!
Software Description

ShakePad is a virtual multi-effect unit intended for real time sound manipulation via an X/Y pad. It includes 50 different high quality effect algorithms with full stereo operation. Summary of main features:
  • 50 high quality stereo effects
  • X/Y Pad for multiple functions
  • Adjustable release time from 0 to 10 seconds with variable rest point
  • HOLD button
  • Dry/Wet slider
  • Real time parameter display
  • Host Automation
  • Easy MIDI Learn
Minimum System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows operating system: 98SE, XP, 2000, Vista
- Apple Mac with Intel CPU and OSX 10.4 or newer
- 900 MHz CPU with SSE2 instruction set
- RAM 512 Mb
- Stereo soundcard with low latency ASIO support
- A MIDI interface or MIDI controller keyboard
- A VST Host program

Effects overview

ShakePad offers 50 different full stereo effect algorithms. You can click on the effect name in the middle top of the interface to select a new effect from the pop-down menu or use the +/- navigation buttons. This is the complete list of all available effects:
  • Supah LPF 36dB
  • Supah LPF 24dB
  • Supah LPF + Delay
  • Supah HPF 36dB
  • Supah HPF 24dB
  • Supah HPF + Delay
  • Supah BPF 36dB
  • Supah BPF 24dB
  • Supah BPF + Delay
  • Supah Phaza 16 stages
  • Supah Phaza 12 stages
  • Supah Phaza + Delay
  • Supah Flanger
  • Supah Flanger + Delay
  • Phaser 2 stages
  • Phaser 6 stages
  • Manual Phaser 2 stages
  • Manual Phaser 6 stages
  • Manual Phaser 12 stages
  • Manual Phaser 16 stages
  • Manual Flanger
  • 3D Space Locator
  • Auto Panner Square ¹
  • Auto Panner Triangle ¹
  • Auto Panner + Delay ¹
  • Fuzz Distortion
  • Ultra Distortion
  • Distortion + Delay
  • Ultra Compression
  • Ultra Compression + Delay
  • Analog Echo
  • Dual Analog Echo
  • Triple Analog Echo
  • Trance Gate ¹
  • Trance Gate + Delay ¹
  • Trance Gate + Phaser ¹
  • Looper ¹
  • Looper + Delay ¹
  • Reverse Looper ¹
  • Reverse Looper + Delay ¹
  • Sample And Scratch ¹
  • Scratch + Delay ¹
  • Scratch + Phaser ¹
  • Bit Crash
  • Bit Crash + Delay
  • XY Theremoon + Delay ²
  • Scary Synth + Delay ²
  • Voka Synth + Delay ²
  • Syren + Delay ²
  • RingMod + Decimator
¹ These effects rely on sync’ing with the host tempo. If the host does not provide tempo information to the plugin, the effect can't operate.
² These effects can work without any incoming audio signal.

Some frequently asked questions related to this product:
- Is ShakePad an App for the iPad?
The great convenience of shareware software is that you can try a free DEMO version before deciding to pay for the FULL version. This gives you the opportunity to test if the software works correctly on your computer and if it meets your needs. If you haven't done it yet, download the free DEMO now!

Most of these softwares have a nag screen and a nag noise protection. In DEMO mode you'll hear a white noise burst for 2 seconds every 10 at a very low volume. There are no other limitations, unless otherwise stated in the product's description page.

PDF DocumentShakePad - 1.1 - PDF Manual - 165 Kb  
Zip ArchiveShakePad - 1.1 - Windows VST Manual Install - 637 Kb  

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