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BURN - Programmable Rotary Simulator v. 1.0
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The GSi BURN has been conceived for the modern musician, it is ready to be integrated into any set-up, either basic or complicated. It is built as a traditional stomp-box with three pedals for BYPASS, STOP/RUN and SLOW/FAST but can be controlled in a number of ways according to the musician's needs. Are you a keyboard player? A guitarist? Will you use it in your studio set-up? BURN can integrate into your musical environment any way you like. Imagine you wish to add a high quality realistic Rotary Speaker effect to your workstation keyboard but you don't want to have a stomp box under your feet. Just connect the stereo output to the BURN, you can call the True Stereo BYPASS via the foot pedal or by sending a MIDI Control Change event, or you can even save a preset with the Bypass engaged and recall it via MIDI Program Change. There are 32 presets but you can map them to any one of the 127 Program Change numbers.

BURN is more than just a Rotary effect stomp-box. Will you use it for reamping your pre-recorded tracks? You can control the Rotary speeds by sending custom MIDI CC messages or use one of the pre-set configurations (derived from some of the most common "clonewheel" organs).

You wish to play your vintage tonewheel organ at home without disturbing the neighbors? Hook it up to the BURN and use its built-in headphone output, and enjoy the hypnotic stereo image of the different Rotary simulations.

Virtually everything you wish to do with the BURN can be easily done, no matter if you are an organist, keyboardist, guitarist or a sound engineer. You put the music, BURN makes it hot!

The GSi BURN features:
  • Tube Distortion
  • MIDI Input and Thru
  • 12 different Rotary effects
  • Other effects of static amps, modulations, delays, reverbs, etc.
  • Digital stereo reverb on all effects
  • 32 Programmable presets
  • LCD Character display with backlight
  • 7 real time parameters and up to 15 additional parameters per preset
  • Full MIDI control with freely assignable controllers
  • True stereo bypass
  • Separate Left and Right 1/4" jacks for input and output
  • Remote control via optional foot switch, half-moon switch or expression pedal
  • Built-in stereo headphone amplifier with volume control
  • Easily upgradable via MIDI
  • Free Preset Editor / Librarian for Windows and OSX (requires special MIDI OUT ADAPTER)
  • Comes with a free plastic case!
Specifications are subject to changes without notice

Courtesy of jazz organist Joe Doria from Seattle:


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BURN - Programmable Rotary Simulator
PDF DocumentBURN - English Manual FW V.1.01 - 611 Kb  
PDF DocumentBURN - Firmware update How-To - 820 Kb  
Zip ArchiveBURN - Firmware version 1.01 - 3,07 Mb  
PDF DocumentBURN - Footswitch How-To - 50 Kb  
PDF DocumentBURN - Manuale Italiano FW V.1.01 - 605 Kb  
PDF DocumentBURN - Quick programming guide - 25 Kb  
Zip ArchiveBURN Editor/Librarian - Version 1.0 - 1,97 Mb  
Zip ArchiveGSi Updater v.1.0 - 1,53 Mb  

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