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List of all downloadable documents in PDF format

PDF DocumentDMC-122 Editor v.1.06 Manuale Utente (italiano) - 1,20 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentDMC-122 Editor v.1.06 User's Manual (english) - 1,19 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentDMC-122 Guida all'installazione rapida (italiano) - 1,75 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentDMC-122 MIDI Implementation Chart - 29 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentDMC-122 Quick Install Guide (english) - 1,75 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentGemini - Manual Addendum n.1: integration with DMC-122 - 477 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentGemini - User's Manual (english) - 4,11 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentBURN - English Manual FW V.1.01 - 611 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentBURN - Firmware update How-To - 820 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentBURN - Footswitch How-To - 50 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentBURN - Manuale Italiano FW V.1.01 - 605 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentBURN - Quick programming guide - 25 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentVB3-II - User's Manual ENG - 1,44 Mb  Product page
PDF DocumentKey Performer - 1.1 - User Manual - 420 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentVB3 - 1.2.1 - PDF User's Manual - 459 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentVB3 - 1.3 - PDF Manual Addendum - 70 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentVB3 - 1.4 - PDF Manual Addendum - 87 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentMrRay73 Mark II - 2.0.3 - PDF Manual - 183 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentZD6 - 1.1 - PDF Manual - 177 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentElectric Grand EG70 - 1.0 - PDF Manual - 166 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentType4 - 1.0.1 - PDF Manual - 135 Kb  Product page
PDF DocumentShakePad - 1.1 - PDF Manual - 165 Kb  Product page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between Crumar Mojo and GSi DMC-122?
Q: What kind of keybed is mounted on the DMC-122?
A: The DMC-122 is equipped with two 61-key "waterfall" semi-weighted keybeds manufactured by Fatar model "TP-8o" where the letter 'o' stands for 'organ'. You can see the specs on their web page at:

This is an industry standard that you will find on many other instruments such as the Crumar Mojo, some of the Nord Electro and C series, the Hammond-Suzuki SK series, the Korg CX/BX series and many others.

The profile of this keyboard is faithful to that of a vintage Hammond console and the playbility is very comfortable, especially if we consider that, when the 'velocity' feature is off on the DMC-122, only the upper bubble contact is used in order to have a faster response. Tipically, the key will trigger a note when it is just 2 millimeters down.

With the right velocity curve, this kind of keyboard can be very expressive, comfortable and responsive with piano sounds as well. The DMC-122 has 3 pre-programmed velocity curves plus other 3 user-programmable via the GUI editor.

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Q: Can I play the DMC-122 Editor in my favorite host?
Q: On how many computers can I install VB3-II?
Q: Am I allowed to sell my license of VB3-II?
Q: I'm trying to connect to my Gemini with an iPad but it keeps saying that the password is incorrect.
Q: Want to buy VB3-II, I am VAT registered in EU, how can I pay without VAT?
Q: Does the Mojo half-moon work with the Burn?
Q: Does the Mojo footswitch work with the Burn?
Q: I can't seem to find a template for my clone.
Q: I already have a spare footswitch, is it compatible with the BURN?
Q: When I push the pedals with my feet I often accidentally turn the encoder!
Q: Does the BURN support MIDI clock synchronization?
Q: Does the BURN have a tap tempo function?
Q: Where can I buy the BURN and how much does it cost?
Q: Is there a 64 bit version of VB3 available?
Q: Is there a RTAS version of VB3?
Q: Can I use VB3 with my iPad?
Q: Can I use VB3's built-in rotary simulation as an effect for external audio sources?
Q: I've read on the VB3 manual that I can have up to 4 outputs but I only see two in Logic.
Q: Can I connect VB3 to an external rotary speaker?
Q: Can I create my own presets with VB3?
Q: How do I set up VB3 in Cantabile?
MrRay 73 Mark II
Q: MrRay73 Mark II crashes in some versions of Logic/Mainstage.
Q: MrRay73 Mark II sounds strange if the sample rate is set at 96 KHz.
Key Performer
Q: I'm demoing Key Performer but the organ and the synth don't produce any sound.
Q: Does Key Performer use the same Organ/Clavi/Piano sounds as your other plugins?
Q: I have installed Key Performer but I get a strange error and the plugin immediately quits.
Q: Is there an option in GS-201 for getting rid of the tape hiss?
Q: Can GS-201 synchronize to host tempo?
Q: Is ShakePad an App for the iPad?
Freeware plugins
Q: I'm using your freeware/donationware plugin, can I use it for my commercial projects?
Q: I found a bug in your freeware plugin, will you update it?
Q: Why two versions of MrTramp2? What's the difference between them?
Q: Some licensing questions related to free plugins
Q: I can't find your old plugins, MrRay22, MrRay73, etc.
PayPal payments
Q: I don't have a PayPal account, can I pay by Credit Card?
Q: I'm located in the USA, can I buy this program? What will it cost in US$?
Q: The website shows prices in Euro. How much is this in my local currency?
Q: I wish to make a purchase but the PayPal page is only in italian.
Q: I have just purchased a plugin by mistake, can I have a refund?
Q: I bought a software but I don't like it, can I have a refund?
Q: I'm trying to register the plugin XYZ but I cannot seem to use my keyboard to type my name and license code.
Q: I have two computers, a Mac and a Windows PC, shall I buy two separate licenses?
Q: My old computer passed over, I just bought a new one. Shall I buy a new license?
Q: I have just paid for my license but I still haven't received anything.
Q: I can't register the plugin XYZ, it always starts unregistered even though I re-enter my key all the times.
Q: I'm typing my license code but it always says 'NOT VALID'
Q: I have registered the plugin XYZ but I have lost my license number.
Q: Despite having fixed my disk permissions, I still can't authorize my plugin. Is there a solution?
Q: Can I load the plugin XYZ in ProTools via the FXpansion adapter?
Q: Can I install the plugin XYZ on the V-Machine?
Q: Can I install the plugin XYZ on the Receptor?
Q: I am french/german/italian/spanish/finnish/swedish/etc. Is there a manual in my language?
Q: Jack Daniel's?
Q: I have installed the plugin XYZ on my Mac but the host can't load it.
Q: I am an artist/music teacher/magazine editor/superman, can I have a free license?
Q: Do you have discounted educational licenses?
Q: Are GSi licenses transferrable? Can I sell my license to somebody else?
Q: If I buy a GSi plugin, am I entitled to free updates?
Q: Can I run the plugin XYZ on Linux?
Q: How can I uninstall a plugin?
Q: I'm new to the world of virtual instruments, how do I get started?
Q: Do you have any plans to make your products into iPad/iPhone apps?
Q: How do I install a plugin?
Q: I downloaded the demo and installed it but I can't find the program anywhere on my computer.
Q: What does 'full polyphony' mean?
Q: Can I run 32 bit plugins on a 64 bit operating system?
Q: Can I use System Exclusive to control a plug-in?
Q: How do I fix file permissions in Mac OSX?
Q: I am interested in a GSi product, where can I find a dealer in my Country?
Q: I have a Windows computer, is it powerful enough for running your plugins?
Q: I can't find the user Library in OSX
Q: I am testing the demo version but I hear an annoying hiss every 10 seconds, how can I get rid of it?
Q: Logic Pro X can host only 64 bit plugins, are you planning to update your plugins anytime soon?
Q: What's the compatibility with OS X and Pro-Tools?
Q: Is there an AAX version of... ?
Q: I remember you used to have free soundfonts on your old site, are they still available?

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