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January 12, 2011   Three new free samplesets for Key Performer

Three new samplesets have been released for Key Performer: Piano and Strings, Church Organ and Electric Bass. These new sounds will complete the sound palette of this useful and well sounding virtual instrument by adding some of the most used sounds by stage keyboardists. The Piano and Strings combination is a must have for ballads and pop songs, the Curch Organ can be handy in case you're playing at a wedding :) and the Electric Bass is there in case your bassist breaks a string :)
If you are a Key Performer user you can't miss these free downloads, get them hot here! ;)

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January 12, 2011: Three new free samplesets for Key Performer
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March 15, 2010: VB3 updated to version 1.3
February 25, 2010: Key Performer updated to version 1.1 and now also available for Mac!
December 10, 2009: My Christmas gift: MrTramp2 FREE for Mac and Windows!
December 07, 2009: ShakePad updated to version 1.1
March 22, 2009: Key Performer running on V-Machine

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